Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already have a client and I don't want to download yours. What is the address for
A: Vanilla - set realmlist A: The Burning Crusade - set realmlist A: Wrath of the Lich King - set realmlist A: Cataclysm set realmlist
Note: Another option is to download our custom launcher here:

Windows (8.51 MB)

Q: What is the server mode?
A: Normal/PvE. The money drop and XP rate is set to 175% of normal for more casual players.

Q: What special rewards do we get?
A: At level 10 you get a 24 slot bag.

Q: Can I purchase level-boosts, mounts, or do character trades?
A: No

Q: Why and not
A: I used to own both domains but I let them expire a few years ago. The registrars now claim that is a premium domain and want $2,495 for it now. I'm open to getting it again if someone wants to put a GoFundMe together.