What's New?

11/09/2018 by Gutterboy

TPK now has a Battlet.net server running PVPGN and the TPK Launcher has been updated to support it. Diablo, Diablo II, Warcraft II, Warcraft III, and Starcraft are all supported.  Download the latest TPK Launcher and let it handle downloading and installing the game files and configuring it for you.  No fuss, no muss.  It's that easy.

10/31/2018 by Gutterboy

The TPK Launcher has been updated to support the downloading of the client files for the following locales: enUS, enGB, esES, esMX, frFR, deDE, and ruRU.

10/29/2018 by Gutterboy

The first bug fix has been completed.  The 5th quest of the Death Knight chain, "The Endless Hunger" has been fixed.  Previously, clicking on the Shackles would do nothing, leaving the quest chain in limbo, unable to proceed forward.

10/21/2018 by Gutterboy

If you haven't tried out our new Launcher then you really should.  It's pretty sweet!  Download it from here.

10/13/2018 by Gutterboy

The new servers have been installed and setup. The database has migrated to one server and the WoW app service has been moved to another. All three servers are Dell PowerEdge 2950s with 32 GB of RAM, duel quad-core Xeon processors, and duel SSD drives in a raid-1 configuration. Also in the server rack is rack-mounted UPS. Happy gaming!