Trailer Park Kids is a private World of Warcraft server. We believe in peace and prosperity and try to live in harmony with each other. As such we are 100% cross faction friendly. Guilds, groups, trade, mail, chat, you name it, all races are welcome in the Trailer Park.

TPK Perks

  • Cross Faction
  • Blizzlike XP Gain & MOP Respawn Rates
  • Casual Play, Not "Pay To Win"
  • Discord Server (Join Here)
  • Reliable US-Central Based Servers with Active Development
  • Receive a 24 slot bag upon reaching level 10

How To Connect

Download the custom TPK Launcher. The TPK Launcher will download and install the client for you as well as keep your installation up to date.


Download the pre-configured Wrath of the Lich King v3.3.5a client here or for more advanced players, set the realmlist to trailerparkkids.net:3725.